I like people.

I like finding out what they enjoy, how they do things… I simply find people fascinating. I especially enjoy reading about the journey of their life. I like finding someone interesting online and reading their About Me page.

Sharing about myself… that feels different. I suspect many of the people I’ve read about weren’t entirely sure they wanted to share about themselves either. So, I’m putting aside my tendency to take myself too seriously, of thinking I have to live up to my description of myself. Because this description is just one snapshot of who I am.

Friends have described me a few times as an eccentric, and I can see how that fits. And while they’ve also called me intense, I prefer the term dynamic. I have quiet moments, but those are usually after the livelier times. I’ve learned to respect my need for the pause.

I like pretty, kind, and beautiful things. I’m not interested in nasty things in life unless I can do something about them. And if I can, then tell me about them. But let’s keep in mind how we can improve the situation.

I like the sun and water, especially the ocean at sunrise. Sunrises signal the start of something new. A new day, a new opportunity. A chance to make things better, to enjoy things more, or just to be more.

Oh, and I love critters. Cats are my favorite. All critters are important, including spiders – if they’re outside. (I’m glad to move them outside if they’ve inadvertently found themselves inside, unless my cats find them first.) I live on acreage, so I get to see all types of wild critters. We’ve had deer, porcupines, raccoons, and numerous birds – hummingbirds, woodpeckers, orioles, and various corvids. I’m always excited when a new critter shows up.

Speaking of new, I like innovation. How do people come up with some of the ideas they do? How well will the new invention work? Will people give it a chance? Will someone buy up the idea so it doesn’t threaten them? That annoys the heck out of me, fyi. Which leads me to my follow-up question… why are people scared of new things?

Okay, I can suggest an answer to that question. If we’re not in a safe space, if we’ve been threatened, are being threatened, or if those we care about have been threatened, well… regaining stability and security are more important than embracing advancements. Even if those advancements could help us, sometimes we can’t see that until after we’ve reached that safe space.

And between understanding the importance of safe spaces and believing that everyone is valuable and is deserving of the same opportunities, I realized that writing for purpose-led and sustainable businesses was where I’d be happiest in my writing career.

I’m glad to participate in helping people make informed choices. To help educate them with the intended, and unintended, consequences of buying products and services. We must always keep in mind the value of people, critters, and the world. And I thoroughly enjoy working with organizations who are proud of their products and services and proud of how they create them. It’s a win-win-win. And I love that.

And writing specifically? It’s always been a part of my life. I loved the fifth-grade writing contest, completing the final thesis for my bachelor’s degree, and writing in my working life. I’ve prepared reports, drafted letters for politicians, and summarized complex topics for decision-makers. I like saving time and effort with clear, helpful communication.

And now you have a better picture of who I am, at least at this point in my life.

Becky’s work is top-notch. She’s the most helpful and efficient employee I have ever worked with. Becky helped me look great time and time again.

 – Fred, Superintendent., HRP, Retired; Director of Policing, Retired

  Autumn morning at Long Lake in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Photo by Becky
Autumn morning at Long Lake in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Photo by Becky