Do you need a worry-free, credible, online business presence?

Here are three sample packages to give you an idea of worry-free approaches for making sure your business has a consistent online presence.

I also encourage you to consider getting a messaging summary for your business. A messaging summary is an invaluable tool used to maintain consistency and clarity in your marketing. This is especially useful when launching a new product. Once you have a messaging summary in place, all other copywriting is automatically more consistent and authentic. Plus, after it’s completed, you’ll see a cost reduction for packages as well as any additional projects. To learn more about how this document can help you (and your staff), send me an email or message.

Basic communication

Increase your online presence and communicate well with your clients.

  • Two blog posts per month with social media messages

  • Monthly email to connect with clients

This is a basic package for businesses that recognize the value of having a virtual presence but have a limited budget. Add a messaging summary to immediately improve your in-house efforts and save yourself money. With your messaging summary, you’re better able to immediately and independently take action when opportunities present themselves.

Steady contact

Show your industry that you’re a serious contender.

  • Three blog posts per month with social media messages

  • Monthly email newsletter

  • One in-depth article per quarter

Have a regular, value-building online presence. You’ll increase client confidence with useful and in-depth articles. This package includes a monthly e-newsletter, which is ideal for businesses who need to share information with clients. And if you have a messaging summary, you’ll give your staff a strong foundation as they chat with prospects and clients.

Foster growth

Present a strong online presence and increase your reach.

  • Four blog posts per month with social media messages

  • Monthly email newsletter

  • Each quarter, receive one in-depth article plus one case-study or white paper

Frequent, quality blog posts with social media posts will boost your visibility. And your monthly newsletter keeps your clients and prospects informed of your important updates.

Each quarter, you’ll publish an in-depth article plus the option of either a case study or white paper. Built into the package structure, this flexibility allows you to focus on the type of communication that best suits your quarterly marketing plan. Especially when you’re fostering growth, a messaging summary ensures staff have what they need to consistently respond with the values of your business.

Let’s talk about a package that will work well for you.

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 Lake near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.
Lake near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.