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Becky’s a copywriter who helps purpose-led companies tell people why it matters. I write content helping your clients understand that your purpose is core to how you do business. I also write case studies, reports, and messaging summaries.

Are you a sustainable business and in need of a copywriter? Do you focus on an environmental, social, or policy issue and need content? Check out my blog and samples to see if we should chat.

Becky Wilson

Helping purpose-led companies tell people why it matters.

That’s why I’m a copywriter.

I help you share why your purpose matters. Why you even have a purpose. And I help you tell clients how they improve the world by buying from you.

Improving the world matters to you.

And it matters to them.

You know that selling your product or services gives your clients more than just the ‘I made a good decision’ feeling. You’re helping them feel good about supporting a responsible company that gives back to the world - sometimes even taking a hit to the bottom line.

You’re a company who helps others, even when you don’t have to.

It’s time to let your clients know this too.

They’d be grateful to know they bought from someone that make things better for everyone - not just owners or stakeholders.

Your clients would be relieved to learn that you lead your industry with clear efforts to improve environmental, social, or policy issues.

And of course, you need to be real, authentic, and accurate while taking on the ESG issues you care about. Being aware and taking action demands timely, well-written content - especially for policy topics.

I can help with that. I can even help with understanding policy - after all, I worked in government for years.

Tell the stories about the good you’re doing.

How you’re making things better. How you’re helping your entire industry take steps towards reaching ESG objectives. Because you’re one of many sustainable businesses working to make business better.

Together we’ll tell people why your purpose matters. Email me, schedule a time to chat, connect with me on LinkedIn, or fill in the form below. Let’s talk about your upcoming copywriting projects and see if I’m the right copywriter for you.

If you’re looking to simplify your marketing, ask me how messaging summaries streamline your efforts.

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"I've worked with Becky on a variety of projects over the years. Her passion for creativity and new challenges always result in an amazing end product. Whether we're updating existing documentation or creating something new, I know I can count on Becky to provide excellent work."

- Nadia Gardin, Project Coordinator

One more note…

As part of my own efforts to improve the world, I created and maintain the site FindTheHelpers.Online.

If someone needs help or if they want to help, they can find groups that exist to help others.

I’d love to add to the list. If you have a favorite charity or support organization, drop me a line with their website. I’m glad to take it from there.

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