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See three ways ESG Objectives are being addressed

Becky Wilson

If you’re like me, seeing someone else succeed helps me accomplish my goals. This is useful in mundane parts of life, like seeing a co-worker eating a salad. It’s also useful in broader practices, like your organization’s sustainability goals.

I’ve collected three examples of how groups are taking action on environmental, social, and governance goals. We’ll look at one example for each category.

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Expectation versus Reality: Metrics and Nestle's Reports

Becky Wilson

Being a purpose-led or sustainable business requires reporting on metrics. With Nestle buying B-Corps and connecting the company with improved corporate social responsibility, I’d been curious to learn if this was transforming their company. I looked and discovered reports. Lots of reports. I recently took time to review them. Read on to see what lessons I discovered through evaluating Nestle’s assurance reports.

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Three reasons being a purpose-led business is smart

Becky Wilson

Becoming an authentic, purpose-led business results in increased investment, loyalty by both employees and clients, reduced costs, and improved innovation.

But in this LinkedIn article, I take a look at one specific aspect of purpose-led businesses and three reasons it’s smart for business.

Explore in more detail how getting clear on your business’s why is smart for marketing, it’s smart for your employees, and it’s smart for you. Your business might succeed just fine without a purpose. But it will always be stronger with a well-defined why.

Read the article on LinkedIn or open the PDF.

Improve your business's sustainability through smarter printing

Becky Wilson

Sustainable printing meant using recycled paper and soy-based inks, twenty-plus years ago. But sustainable printing means much more now. For those of us who love printing, we’ve been glad to see more efficient tech, fewer chemicals, and increased awareness in our industry.

But for everyone else, we understand you just want your job printed. Capitalize on the benefits of printed communication while still focusing on sustainability.

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The richest people are changing...

Becky Wilson

Did you notice that list of richest people are changing? It used to be pretty repetitive. But several years ago, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett decided to change the way they managed their money, along with over 180 other people. This 4-minute read shares a few ways this group is changing and how this may matter to you.

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Company revisionism might be effective

Becky Wilson

People and corporations can get stuck in a rut. These aren’t always bad habits - sometimes they are good and done with important goals in mind.

But sometimes things need to change. Whether it’s my own decisions or the decisions of a large corporation, information about the topic should be evaluated. Even if it’s changing a well-ingrained practice. Perhaps a new perspective will come out of the questions. Perhaps not, but now it’s not just a habit that may have been based on old info.

It’s a decision.

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